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Scholarships for MBA Abroad 2023


Scholarships for MBA Abroad 2023

Having an MBA degree has many benefits. Companies really want someone who can lead them in different areas, regardless of what you studied in your Bachelor’s degree. In MBA schools, you will learn how to be a leader in companies. You will learn about the problems that many companies have and how to solve them effectively.

Requirements for a Full Scholarship for MBA Abroad

Most Merit-based scholarships don’t require you to submit any extra scholarship application, once you have submitted your admission application, you’ll be considered for different kinds of merit-based scholarships. Anyone you qualify for will be awarded alongside your admission.

To be eligible for Merit-based scholarships for an MBA degree abroad, you need to show excellence in academics, in your profession, or your excellence to service to the community. So, Merit-based scholarships will be considering your GPA, your awards, your recognition in your company and so many others.

However, here are some requirements you still need to submit in some cases, especially in need-based scholarships.

  • Official Bachelor’s degree transcript from an accredited college.
  • A brilliant GPA from your baccalaureate degree, at least 3.0
  • A GMAT or GRE result is not compulsory for some schools
  • An interview
  • Might request a bank statement, especially for need-based scholarships.

There could be more requirements from these schools.

Now, let’s dive into these scholarships for MBA abroad and resident students.

Scholarships for MBA Abroad

We focused this list on top MBA schools that provide quality scholarships, especially in the United States, the UK, Canada, Spain, and France.

1. Graduate School of Stanford Business Scholarships (USA)

Stanford Business School is the best business school in the world, according to QS World University Rankings, and they have lots of MBA financial aid. Their financial aid and MBA scholarships are available to everyone, whether you’re a United States citizen or you’re an international student.

They offer;

  • Stanford GSB Need-Based Fellowships: where you’re awarded approximately $42,000 per year scholarship from their community.
  • Stanford GSB BOLD Fellows Fund: This also adds to their financial aid to both citizens and abroad students, where they consider students with financial hardship.
  • Stanford Knight-Hennessy Scholars Program: This scholarship selects up to 100 newly admitted graduate students, and any student from any country can apply.

2. Harvard MBA Scholarship (USA)

Harvard Business School is the 2nd best business school in the world, and they offer amazing scholarships for MBA abroad. Both the U.S residents and international students can take advantage of their scholarships, and they made it possible that everyone can get an equal advantage to scholarships regardless of where they’re coming from.

They offer upto $40,000 yearly scholarship to their MBA students, and their students also have the opportunity to go for Student loans and get extra funding through HBS Complementary Fellowships. You will get access to any of their scholarships after you have been admitted.

3. NYU Stern School of Business Scholarships (USA)

NYU scholarships offer both full and half-tuition awards for MBA abroad and domestic students. You also don’t need any additional application to be considered for this scholarship, the requirements during your admission take care of it all.

You’ll notice if you’re awarded a Merit-based scholarship in your admission letter. Their Dean’s Scholarship is awarded to a few students that are excellent in some areas, and it is a fully-funded scholarship.

Their Named Faculty Scholarship is also a Merit-based fully-funded scholarship, there are so many other Merit-based scholarships. There are also other means of scholarships, whether through need-based, or external means.

4. London Business School Scholarships (London)

This is one of the schools that offer lots of MBA scholarships to both U.S. citizens and abroad students. They offer;

  • The 30% Club Scholarship EMBA: Where they help EMBA females to pay 25% to 50% of their full tuition fee.
  • iSchoolConnect Scholarship: This scholarship is available to anyone that applies.
  • Mo Ibrahim Foundation Scholarship: This takes care of the 100% tuition fee of an MBA student that is from Africa Country.
  • The Service and Society Scholarship: Available to all applicants, and it awards scholarships up to £50,000.

And many more, there are up to 100 scholarships for MBA abroad and financial aid from London Business School.

5. HEC Paris MBA Scholarship (France)

Any candidate that applies to the HEC Paris MBA program is automatically considered for their Excellence and Diversity scholarship, which can pay up to half of your tuition. There are also other scholarships like Forte and L’Oreal (up to € 26,000) that will require you to submit a scholarship essay immediately after you have submitted your MBA program application.

There is also the HEC Paris MBA Scholarship For Diversity and the 30% Club Scholarship.

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6. IE Business School Scholarships (Spain)

IE has lots of ways to award scholarships to their MBA students from abroad. They have scholarships that are open to every candidate, such as:

  • IE Scholarship which can take care of 10% to 40% of your tuition fee
  • IE³ Collaboration Scholarship, where you’re offered financial aid in exchange for your participation in IE’s project. It can cover up to 75% of your tuition.
  • IE Talent Scholarship, where those skilled in sports, art, tech, or social commitment are awarded up to 30% of tuition fee.

And many more scholarships are open to all. They also offer other kinds of scholarships like Diversity-based, values-based, program-based, direct award, and partners.

In their partner Scholarships, Fulbright Award is one of the partners, where citizens of the United States, can compete and win 100% of their tuition fee.

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