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University of Washington Scholarships for International Students 2023 – 2024


University of Washington Scholarships for International Students 2023 – 2024

The University of Washington is a school that anyone can go to and it is located in the United States. It was started in 1861 and is thought to be one of the older universities in the United States. It has a long history of giving good education to students and job options to professionals in academics.

In Seattle, students at University of Washington can make friends with nice people, study in a safe city, and learn about an interesting culture.

American universities are popular among international students because they offer excellent education. Because the country is famous for its advanced technology, research, and creativity, having a degree from a US university will definitely make your resume more appealing.
It is not surprising that the country has a lot of students from other countries.

The University of Washington is a really big school with over 60,000 students. It has a diverse community where you can meet people from different backgrounds.

The University of Washington is a very respected university in the United States. It has a high ranking in the world according to different ranking systems. As a student from another country, you can find excellent classes in Architecture, Business Administration, and Electrical Engineering, along with other bachelor’s degree programs. For Master’s degree, you will receive high-quality education in subjects like Accounting, Aeronautics, and Communication.

Right now, the University of Washington has one scholarship available for international students. With this scholarship, you can make your dream of studying overseas come true without having to pay a lot of money. In this article, we talked about a scholarship and gathered some helpful information, like when to apply and important deadlines, to assist you with your application. Okay, let’s begin.

University of Washington Admissions

To apply to University of Washington, make sure to complete the admission requirements and follow the application procedure. You can find more information on the following links:

University of Washington Application Deadlines

It is essential that you meet the application deadlines at University of Washington. Here are the deadlines:

  • Bachelor’s Deadline : November 15, 2023
  • Master’s Deadline : January 15, 2023 (Different Master’s programs have different deadlines)

Tuition Fees at University of Washington for International Students

In this part, we will talk about the money international students need to pay to study at the University of Washington. International students attending the University of Washington have to pay 40,800 USD for their tuition fees each year. The cost for international students to attend the University of Washington for a Master’s degree is between $31,600 and $39,700 each year.

When you go to study in another country, it’s a good idea to save as much money as possible. In addition to tuition fees, there are other expenses to think about like housing, food, transportation, and textbooks.

The scholarships at University of Washington can give you money to help pay for your studies. Currently, the University of Washington is offering 1 scholarship to international students. Each scholarship has different requirements, benefits, and application processes. We made this list to help you find the scholarship that is most suitable for you.

University of Washington Scholarships for International Students

Graduate Scholarships

1. Graduate Assistantships

  • Scholarship Page
  • Scholarship Type: Full Funding
  • Degrees Offered : Master’s and PhD

The University of Washington provides financial help, called Graduate Assistantships, to international students enrolled in Master’s and PhD programs. To get this scholarship, you have to fulfill specific conditions:

  • International students with a 7.0 score in the speaking section of the IELTS (26 TOEFL-iBT)
  • International students who passed the “English105” course (if applying for a Teaching Assistantship position)

Through Graduate Assistantships, Master’s and PhD students at the University of Washington enjoy the following benefits:

  • Up to $2,986 (Schedules 1&3) and $4,819 (Schedule 2) for teaching, research, and staff assistantships
  • A Tuition waiver (offered by some departments)
  • Health care (offered by some departments)

Graduate Assistantships is a great scholarship to apply to if you are on a tight budget.

All the information you need to prepare and submit your application can be found at the scholarship link above. Please make sure to get your documents ready and send them before the application deadline.

These University of Washington scholarships are for students from other countries.
They will help you study abroad without worrying about money. If you’re interested, remember to also take a look at the Open Courses for International Students.

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