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Scholarships in Italy for International Students 2023


Scholarships in Italy for International Students 2023

The scholarships in Italy for international students have made Italy very attractive for students from other countries. These scholarships have made tuition costs cheaper and less likely to cause financial problems for students.

Italy is famous around the world for having really good food and a culture that is all about food. They have a long history of food that has been passed down from one generation to another. They have many schools that teach people how to cook, both local and international students, to make delicious dishes.

Their rich culture is not only about food. Italy is also known for being a top country in mainstream education. This makes it appealing to international students. Additionally, there are many universities in Italy that teach their students in English. Furthermore, Italy has more to offer than just a fancy education system. We recognize that not everyone comes from a wealthy family, but we are all striving for success.

Italy also understands this and with a happy attitude, they have set up many affordable universities for international students who want to study there. For those who are curious about what programs are taught in Italy, most of the important programs follow international standards and are included in the curriculum.

There are universities in Turkey and some countries in the Far East like Japan that teach students in English. This is because of globalization, which has made the world closer and improved how people interact with each other.

Scholarships in Italy for International Students

1.  Italian Government Scholarships for Foreign Students

This is one of the scholarships in Italy for international students and Italian citizens living abroad made available by the Italian government to study in Italy (IRE). Master’s Degree (Laurea Magistrale 2° Ciclo), Courses of Higher Education in Arts, Music, and Dance (AFAM), Ph.D. program, Research under academic supervision (Progetti in co-tutela), and Italian Language and Culture Courses are all eligible for scholarships.

Tuition, health insurance, and a monthly stipend are all included in the scholarship. Scholarships are only available for three, six, or nine months.

Students from Azerbaijan, Colombia, Egypt, Ethiopia, Ghana, India, Indonesia, Iran, Kazakhstan, Mexico, Turkey, Tunisia, and Vietnam can develop their skills and specialize through a range of Master’s and postgraduate degree courses in English in the fields of Engineering, Advanced Technologies, ArcGIS, and other fields supported by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Italian Ministry of Economic Development.

Scholarships will be awarded to the brightest students, which will be funded by partners and major corporate sponsors.

2.  EDISU Piemonte Scholarships

This is amongst the handful of top scholarships in Italy for international students that grants access to non-EU international students to enroll full-time in a Bachelor’s degree, Master’s degree, Single Cycle Master’s degree, or Ph.D. degree program at one of Piedmont’s universities (i.e. Politecnico di Torino, University of Torino, University of Eastern Piedmont) can apply for EDISU scholarships if they meet the competition’s merit and financial requirements.

Part-time students who are enrolled in a bachelor’s degree program are eligible to apply. The scholarship amount is determined by a number of factors. Non-resident students may also be provided with housing services.

3. Bologna University Study Grants for International Students

The University of Bologna offers study funds to qualified overseas students who intend to enroll in the University of Bologna’s First Cycle (Bachelors), Second Cycle (Masters), or Single Cycle Degree Programs one of the best scholarships in Italy for international students. Each study scholarship is for one academic year and is worth €11,059 in total, with complete tuition price waivers.

4.   Padua International Excellence Scholarship Programme

The University of Padua also offers, grants and complete scholarships in Italy for international students to extremely outstanding prospective students interested in pursuing an English-taught first- or second-cycle degree at Padova. A subsistence stipend of €8,000 is included in the scholarship, as well as a tuition price remission.

5.  Tuition Fee Waivers at the University of Pavia for International Students

The University of Pavia is giving 150 tuition fee exemptions to all international students enrolling in chosen degree programs in the 2022/2023 academic year, in order to boost the presence of international students and support the establishment of a more global community.


6.  Bocconi Merit and International Awards

Students for outside Italy enrolled in any approved Bachelor’s or Master’s degree program at Bocconi are eligible for merit-based scholarships in Italy for international students. The scholarship comprises a half-to-full tuition remission worth up to €12,000 per year for Bachelor’s students and up to €14,000 per year for Master’s students.


It is crucial that students’ especially international students coming from different financial backgrounds should not be meant to be stressed about the costs of tuition especially when they are intelligent.

To this end, the top 9 international scholarships in Italy for international students are here to bring to your knowledge the scholarships in Italy for international students and what they entail plus their respective links for easy access.



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